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Helpful Tips

Here are a few ideals and things for you to think about before or while getting ready for YOUR senior Portraits.

Think of ideas.

 This is your session so let’s talk about your ideals…. (It’s all about YOU) As you’re preparing for your session or come across pictures you like on the internet or in a magazine, collect them, jot them down, print or tear them out. Bring them with you!!  This will help me as your Photographer to understand your style and the look you’re looking for and your expectations will be much better than words alone.

Hair A few weeks before your session go and have your hair trimmed/colored/highlighted or just restyled. This is to help have a fresh new look… NOT that “JUST CUT” look. Make sure you bring extra hair spray in case we need it.  

Nails - Please Girls Polish your nails and Girls and Guys at least make sure they are clean.

Outfits (This part is very important!  If you don’t feel like you are moving out you are not bringing enough!) BRING AT LEAST 10 outfits....

Select outfits your think you will wear a few days or even a week before your portraits. This will insure your choices of clothing. Try each outfit on in its entirety so you know what shoes to wear &/ or accessories &/ or how you want your hair to look to help complete the look you want. Be sure there are no loose buttons, torn hemlines or seams, stains, or holes in your clothing.

Things to include in your choices of clothing

·         Dressy outfits

·         Several casual – variety of colors , solid colors are recommended  (here’s a hint BRIGHTS or basic royal colors)

·         If you’re involved in sports, dance, cheerleading, band etc. bring those uniforms or even things that are important to YOU so that will be in this memory caught in the moment of your senior year.

 Here are a few notes that might help you chose the right clothing and accessory for your shoot!

Try to avoid clothing prints or styles that are too obviously trendy, shoes that will date your photo or overly gaudy accessories that will take away from you! 

 Girls don’t overload your make up!!!  You will be changing into out fits so be natural and neutral so that it will match not clash.

 Last few things but important.

Eat something! Therefore, you don’t feel faint or weak. (You will be in the heat or underneath hot lights.)

  Place all ideas in a suitcase (shoes, hats, accessories, makeup, clothes, hair styling accessories, props and your sample photos) so therefore nothing will be forgotten. Dress in one outfit!

Now take a deep breath & RELAX! Senior Portraits sessions should be FUN! SMILE! And be yourself….

 We are so excited that your chose us for your special moment in life. Can’t wait to see meet you! If you have any more questions feel free to contact me and we will be happy to help.  However, don’t let all of this information over whelm you it is meant to help you not confuse you.


                            Brandy J Stuart   

© 2016 Photography by Brandy Stuart